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Piezo Igniter

Fix Number: FIX10435479
Manufacturer #: 1033
Manufactured by: Patio Comfort

Product Description

This is an authentic Patio Comfort replacement part. Piezo igniters are commonly used in heaters. This ignitor uses high pressure to create an electrical charge. There is a little spring loaded hammer inside this switch, when you press the button it hit a piece of quartz crystal. This contact creates a high voltage and through electrical discharge it lights the fuel inside your heater. This igniter produces a spark every time you press the button. Over time the ignitor will wear down, if your heater will not start up you might find that this ignitor is no longer producing a spark, at which point it will need to be replaced. You will need basic hand tools to install this part.

Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

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Model Compatibility
This part works with the following models:
Fix Number: FIX10435479
Manufacturer Part Number: 1033
Model Number
Patio Comfort
Heater - Outdoor Patio Heater