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Fix Number FIX12584264
Manufacturer Part Number W11256462
This part allows power to go one way but not the other.
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
eugene from longs, SC
would not heat
took out four screws which opened up area top of microwave took off metal faceplate used pliers with rubber grip placed on magnatron then unscrewed one screw which held wire to magnatron then pulled out then reversed process Read more...
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Light Bulb
Fix Number FIX11745088
Manufacturer Part Number WP8183592
Sold individually.
Installation Instructions
Wesley P. from Lake Elmo, MN
Burned out bulb in microwave.
I used the following instructions that I found online:Outer Case Removal 1. Remove screws securing outer case to chassis.
2. Push outer case approximately 1 inch to the back of
the unit, which will free case from front plate.
3. Lift outer case from chassis.
4. Reverse procedures to reinstall.
Lamp Socket Removal 1. Remove outer case, see “Outer Case Removal”
2. Remove wire leads from lamp socket terminals.
3. Remove screw securing lamp socket to air duct
4. Replace and reassemble in reverse order.
For our microwave, removal of the outer case required a nut driver with a special bit to fit a screw with a star shaped head with a pin in the center of the head (tamper-resistant Torx security screw) - not common in most tool boxes. I was lucky enough to have a large assortment of bits and found one to work but I expect many would end up heading to the hardware store. Bulb replacement was easy and obvious as in the instructions above. Replacing the cover took some coordination by two people to insure that the cover fit properly over the flanges around the oven before screwing in place - not difficult but took us a couple of tries to get it properly aligned and on track. I understand that there is the potential for a pretty good electrical shock from the capacitor inside a microwave if you are not careful - this explains the Torx security screws. If you're not a qualified technician you can decide if you want to make this repair. If you do, be careful to contact only the bulb assembly which was not difficult to access. Thanks to whomever provided the original instructions.
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Splash Guard
Fix Number FIX11742344
Manufacturer Part Number WP4211334
This is a flexible rubber cover that fits over the top of the sink drain. It opens up in the middle and will allow you to feed water or food items into a garbage disposal while keeping liquids and smaller food particles from splashing back into the sink.
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
Greg from Ridgefield, WA
There were 2 problems. KitchenAid does not have installation instructions for this model. One step in the take down/installation wwas tough.
I found that while KitchenAid did not have any info on KCD1250S1, it did have instructions for KCBD250S1 and the two are very similar. so I used those instructions - which were not as complete as one would like, but with some experimentation they gave me enough clues that it worked. First, do not remove the red cover or the Styrofoam that is underneath the plastic. Second, the removal of the disposal was easy once I learned that the key was to stick a Allen head screwdriver into one of the round metal openings that hide above the red plastic cover. Then shove the screwdriver (which will rotate the metal fitting) clockwise when you are underneath looking upward. Catch the heavy disposal when it decides to come loose. Do everything to get the new parts into place, it's easy. Put the Flange, seals and brackets in place and tighten the screws. The next step is putting the screwdriver into one of the rotating flange metal holes, then forcing the heavy disposal completely up into the flange fitting (I had to look down through the sink drain hole and guess where everything really was), and shoving the screwdriver (rotate the flange) counter clockwise, again when looking up from beneath the disposal. I suspect that if you do this a few times it gets easier. It now works perfectly. Read more...
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Affresh Cleaner
Fix Number FIX2367638
Manufacturer Part Number W10282479
There are 6 tablets in each package and it is suggested to use every month. These keep the dishwasher fresh by dissolving and removing odor.

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