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Mounting Bracket

Mounting Bracket – Part Number: WP8269145
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Installation Videos

Replacing your KitchenAid Dishwasher Mounting Bracket
Watch this how to video with simple, step-by-step instructions for a successful DIY repair.
Fixes the following symptoms:
  • Door latch failure
  • Door won't close
Tools used for this repair:
  • Needle nose pliers

Installation Instructions

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Mounting bracket broken. Upper rack wheel broken.

Upper Rack Wheel Assembly - This is a little time consuming (maybe 15 minutes), but easy. You will need to remove the entire upper rack assembly before replacing the wheels. After you remove rack assembly and the dishwasher from under the cabinet (see guidance below for brackets), you will see two hex head sheet metal screws with integral washers on the outside of the dishwasher holding the wheel assembly onto the dishwasher. Use the pliers to remove the screws and the old wheel assembly. Install the new wheel and mount assembly using the old screws since the wheel assembly doesn't come with the mounting screws. Mounting Bracket - Pretty easy. Remove port cover for both left & right mounting screws on inside of dishwasher. Remove the screws (if they haven't already fallen out). Careful - they will drop to the floor. Pull the dishwasher partially out from under the counter. Remove the old bracket(s) and install the new one(s). You will need pliers to bend the tabs over to secure them. For the Kenmore, you need to break off the longer end. Slide the dishwasher back under the counter and align the screw holes with the cabinet. I use masking tape to hold the screw on the screwdriver so it doesn't fall off when inserting into the screw hole in the cabinet. Use the flashlight to help see that the holes are aligned. Tighten the screw and you're done.

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Parts Used: Upper Rack Wheel and Mount Assembly , Mounting Bracket
Difficulty Level: Really Easy
Total Repair Time: Less than 15 mins
Tools: Pliers, Screw drivers
Customer: julie from arroyo grande, CA

Mounting brackets were broken

remove one older mounting bracket & one broken mounting bracket from DW unit (top). replaced the mounting brackets, leveled the DW, using wood screws, secured DW to the wood frame, thereby eliminating the possibility of DW tilting.

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Parts Used: Mounting Bracket
Difficulty Level: Really Easy
Total Repair Time: Less than 15 mins
Tools: Screw drivers
Customer: Virginia from Rancho Cordova, CA
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Model Cross Reference List

This part works with the following models:

Fix Number: FIX11745496
Manufacturer Part Number: WP8269145

Brand Model Number Description
Kenmore66512093K210Dishwasher - UNDERCOUNTER DISWASHER
Kenmore66512413N410Dishwasher - DISHWASHER
Kenmore66512413N411Dishwasher - DISHWASHER
Kenmore66512413N412Dishwasher - DISHWASHER
Kenmore66512723K310Dishwasher - UNDERCOUNTER DISHWASHER
Kenmore66512723K311Dishwasher - DISHWASHER
Kenmore66513002N510Dishwasher - DISHWASHER
Kenmore66513002N511Dishwasher - DISHWASHER
Kenmore66513003N510Dishwasher - DISHWASHER
Kenmore66513003N511Dishwasher - DISHWASHER
Kenmore66513004N510Dishwasher - DISHWASHER
Kenmore66513004N511Dishwasher - DISHWASHER
Kenmore66513009N510Dishwasher - DISHWASHER
Kenmore66513009N511Dishwasher - DISHWASHER
Kenmore66513012K110Dishwasher - UNDERCOUNTER DISHWASHER
Kenmore66513012K112Dishwasher - UNDERCOUNTER DISHWASHER
Kenmore66513012K113Dishwasher - UNDERCOUNTER DISHWASHER
Kenmore66513013K110Dishwasher - UNDERCOUNTER DISHWASHER
Kenmore66513013K112Dishwasher - UNDERCOUNTER DISHWASHER
Kenmore66513013K113Dishwasher - UNDERCOUNTER DISHWASHER
Kenmore66513014K110Dishwasher - UNDERCOUNTER DISHWASHER
Kenmore66513014K112Dishwasher - UNDERCOUNTER DISHWASHER
Kenmore66513014K113Dishwasher - UNDERCOUNTER DISHWASHER