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Drain Valve

Fix Number: FIX10070867
Manufacturer #: 2405011
Manufactured by: Senco

Product Description

This is a genuine OEM replacement part that has been sourced directly from Senco. The drain valve is an important part of your compressor, it allows you to safely drain the compressed air from the tank. Pressurized air will build-up condensation in the tank so it is important to drain the air and moisture so you do not damage the tank. Over time this part will rust or corrode, at which point it will need to be replaced. This metal drain valve is sold individually. You will need a wrench to remove the old drain valve and install the new one, it helps you ensure the connection is secure and air-tight.

Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

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Model Compatibility
This part works with the following models:
Fix Number: FIX10070867
Manufacturer Part Number: 2405011
Model Number
Compressor - Electric Compressor
Compressor - Electric Air Compressor
Compressor - 1/2 HP Electric Air Compressor