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Drive/Worm Gear Kit With Grease, Roll Pins
Fix Number FIX10290109
Manufacturer Part Number 41A2817
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Gear And Sprocket Assembly
Fix Number FIX10290187
Manufacturer Part Number 41C4220A
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Chain Spreader
Fix Number FIX10290159
Manufacturer Part Number 41A5615
Installation Instructions
Dustin from Bismarck, ND
Tried opening my garage door when it was frozen to the ground resulting in a busted chain guide and pulley.
Step 1. I disconnected the power supply so no further damage could occur. Step 2. I got my osha approved step chair to diagnose the damage. Visually saw the broken pulley on the wall bracket, and broken chain spreader on the garage opener. Recorded model and serial numbers along with photographs of broken parts. Step 3 Looked online for the model number which lead me to parts at There were other sites, but fix was simple enough and had enough information to confirm they did indeed stock the right parts I needed. Step 4 Wait a few days for delivery, the parts arrived in a plastic bag containing a box protecting the parts in shipping. Step 5 When 14 yr old son comes home I tell him what needs to be done and he does it without my help to much of my surprise. It must have been an easy fix. He even reprogrammed the travel route and got it working good as new.

Thank you for your easy to navigate website simplifying the parts finding process.
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Complete Trolley Assembly
Fix Number FIX10290192
Manufacturer Part Number 41C5141-1
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Master Link Kit
Fix Number FIX10290221
Manufacturer Part Number 4A1008
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3V2032 Lithium Battery
Fix Number FIX10290067
Manufacturer Part Number 10A20
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Battery 12V
Fix Number FIX10408463
Manufacturer Part Number 485LM
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Safety Sensor Kit
Fix Number FIX10290141
Manufacturer Part Number 41A5034
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Rpm Sensor Assembly
Fix Number FIX10290188
Manufacturer Part Number 41C4398A
  In Stock
Fix Number FIX10290065
Manufacturer Part Number 108D79

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