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Dusting Brush

12067100-1-S-Hoover-H-43414064-Dusting Brush
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This part works with the following brands:
This part works with the following products:
Canister Vacuum, Upright Vacuum, Central Vacuum.

Model Cross Reference List

This part works with the following models:

Fix Number: FIX12067100
Manufacturer Part Number: H-43414064

Brand Model Number Description
Hoover1030Upright Vacuum - Convertible
HooverC1065Upright Vacuum - Industrial Upright
HooverC1067Upright Vacuum - Industrial Upright
HooverC1085Upright Vacuum - Commercial Upright
HooverC1091Upright Vacuum - Industrial Upright
HooverC1111Upright Vacuum - Industrial Upright
HooverC1121Upright Vacuum - Commercial Upright
HooverC1123Upright Vacuum - Industrial Upright
HooverC1125Upright Vacuum - Industrial Upright
HooverC1407Upright Vacuum - Commercial Upright
HooverC2075Canister Vacuum - Commercial Canister
HooverC2089Canister Vacuum - Commercial Shoulder Vac
HooverC2090Canister Vacuum - Commercial Shoulder Vac
HooverC2093Canister Vacuum - Commercial Canister
HooverC2094Upright Vacuum - Portapower Vacuum
HooverCH30000Upright Vacuum - Portapower Vacuum
HooverS1015-075Canister Vacuum - Portapower Canister
HooverS1015030Upright Vacuum - Vac
HooverS1029-075Canister Vacuum - Portapower Canister
HooverS1049Canister Vacuum - Portapower Canister
HooverS1049-022Canister Vacuum - Portapower Canister
HooverS1049-060Canister Vacuum - Portapower Canister
HooverS1055Canister Vacuum - Portapower Canister
HooverS1075Canister Vacuum - Portapower Canister
HooverS1075-060Canister Vacuum - Portapower Canister
HooverS1077Canister Vacuum - Portapower Canister
HooverS1077-033Canister Vacuum - Portapower Canister
HooverS1077-060Canister Vacuum - Portapower Canister
HooverS1079Canister Vacuum - Portapower Canister
HooverS1079-060Canister Vacuum - Portapower Canister