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Coupling – Part Number: 014009
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Part Description:
This is a coupling for your blender. The coupling connects the motor and the blade assembly in your unit. It transfers power from the motor into the assembly. If your coupling is not engaging with your blade assembly, the teeth may be too worn down. If this happens you will need to replace your coupling. This part is made entirely of plastic and is sold individually.
This part works with the following brands:
This part works with the following products:

Model Cross Reference List

This part works with the following models:

Fix Number: FIX10505714
Manufacturer Part Number: 014009

Brand Model Number Description
Waring15BL69Blender - Blender
Waring16BL17Blender - Blender
Waring18BL92Blender - Blender
Waring18BL93Blender - Blender
Waring19BL46Blender - Blender
Waring19BL47Blender - Blender
Waring19BL49Blender - Blender
Waring19BL50Blender - Blender
Waring19BL52Blender - Blender
Waring19BL62Blender - Blender
Waring31DM59Blender - Blender
Waring33BL78Blender - Blender
Waring34BL58Blender - Blender
Waring34BL59Blender - Blender
Waring34BL62Blender - Blender
Waring34BL87Blender - 50Th Anniversary Blenders
Waring35BL37Blender - Blender
Waring35BL48Blender - Blender
Waring35BL68Blender - Blender
Waring35BL84Blender - Blender
Waring36BL70Blender - Blender
Waring36BL73Blender - Blender
Waring36BL82Blender - Blender
Waring36BL83Blender - Blender
Waring36BL93Blender - Blender
Waring36BL94Blender - Blender
Waring36BL96Blender - 50Th Anniversary Blenders
Waring37BL30Blender - Blender
Waring37BL31Blender - Blender
Waring37BL35Blender - Blender