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Coupling – Part Number: WPW10279256
Coupling – Part Number: WPW10279256
Coupling – Part Number: WPW10279256
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Part Description:
This part sits on top of the motor.
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Installation Instructions

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Coupling and jar gear stripped from regular use, not blending now

Watched the youtube video on this repair, same machine. Appeared to be 1 step up from replacing light bulb. Had to order coupling and new jar because both gears were stripped out. Nothing I did would loosen the coupling, would not suggest opening up base and trying to unloosen by the motors drive shaft..too small to grab, strips easily and risk of breaking/damage to fan and other parts. Suggest you remove coupling Before ordering to make sure its not permanently stuck on.

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Parts Used: Coupling
Difficulty Level: Very Difficult
Total Repair Time: Less than 15 mins
Tools: Pliers, Screw drivers, Wrench (Adjustable)
Customer: Theodore from Wilmington, NC

Blade got lose and coupling was damaged

Well, the jar is just the jar, so nothing to do there, and it looks fantastic. Replacing the coupling, which I strongly recommend if you replace the jar, was a bit of a challenge. Make sure you also remove the 2 screws holding the motor into the case, before unscrewing the shaft. To remove the bottom cover take the four rubber feet out and you'll see the, a total of 6 screws before removing the shaft, which is a left thread.

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Parts Used: Blender Jar - Silver , Coupling
Difficulty Level: Very Easy
Total Repair Time: Less than 15 mins
Tools: Screw drivers
Customer: Enrique from Fountain Valley, CA

Replaced coupler

After watching several videos on YouTube to see how others have removed the coupler, either I don't have the 'finesse tap' that is required to spin the coupler clockwise faster than the motor in order to remove or it was just locked and stuck. I ended up taking the bottom off of the unit and using a vise grip secured to the screw on the bottom of the motor fan and a pair of channel locks on the old coupler. The unit was laying on its side so that the vise grip was holding the fan in place against the counter top. I easily grabbed the coupler with the channel locks as it was slightly raised from the base surface. I cranked the coupler with a clockwise turn and it came right off. I installed the new coupler in seconds which automatically tightened upon running the unit with the jar. I'm back in my morning smoothie business! I also replaced the jar as the male piece on the bottom was also worn out. For ~$30, I refurb'd my blender. Not bad!!

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Parts Used: Coupling
Difficulty Level: A Bit Difficult
Total Repair Time: 15 - 30 mins
Tools: Wrench (Adjustable)
Customer: MARGARET from Reston, VA
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Model Cross Reference List

This part works with the following models:

Fix Number: FIX11751771
Manufacturer Part Number: WPW10279256

Brand Model Number Description
KitchenAid3KSB1575TER0Blender - BLENDER
KitchenAid3KSB1575TGA0Blender - BLENDER
KitchenAid3KSB1575TOB0Blender - BLENDER
KitchenAid3KSB1575TTG0Blender - BLENDER
KitchenAid4KSB1575TCB0Blender - BLENDER
KitchenAid5KSB1585AAC0Blender - BLENDER
KitchenAid5KSB1585ACU0Blender - BLENDER
KitchenAid5KSB1585AER0Blender - BLENDER
KitchenAid5KSB1585AOB0Blender - BLENDER
KitchenAid5KSB1585AWH0Blender - BLENDER
KitchenAid5KSB1585BAC0Blender - BLENDER
KitchenAid5KSB1585BCL0Blender - BLENDER
KitchenAid5KSB1585BCU0Blender - BLENDER
KitchenAid5KSB1585BER0Blender - BLENDER
KitchenAid5KSB1585BOB0Blender - BLENDER
KitchenAid5KSB1585BWH0Blender - BLENDER
KitchenAid5KSB1585CAC0Blender - BLENDER
KitchenAid5KSB1585CCA0Blender - BLENDER
KitchenAid5KSB1585CER0Blender - BLENDER
KitchenAid5KSB1585CIC0Blender - BLENDER
KitchenAid5KSB1585COB0Blender - BLENDER
KitchenAid5KSB1585CPK0Blender - BLENDER
KitchenAid5KSB1585CQG0Blender - BLENDER
KitchenAid5KSB1585CTG0Blender - BLENDER
KitchenAid5KSB1585DBU0Blender - BLENDER
KitchenAid5KSB1585DCA0Blender - BLENDER