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Aluminum Catch Pan Kit
Fix Number FIX10512951
Manufacturer Part Number 93305
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Door Magnet
Fix Number FIX10512827
Manufacturer Part Number 91357
This is a genuine manufacturer-approved replacement part for various models of Weber grills, to ensure this is compatible with your grill, please see the "Model Cross Reference List" below. The magnet is contained in a plastic housing and is approximately 3"L x 1"W. The Door Magnet ensures that the lid of the grill remains closed, preventing heat from escaping during operation. If your magnets are rusty, damaged, or no longer hold the lid shut, it is time to replace them. To prevent rusting of the magnets, we recommend covering your grill after every use and storing it in a dry environment. Each magnet is sold individually.
Installation Instructions
David from HEBRON, OH
My original door magnets were broken off when the wind blew my grill off of my deck
It only took about 2 minutes
In Stock
Caster w/insert
Fix Number FIX10513236
Manufacturer Part Number 99241
This part includes a caster with an insert for a grill. It consists of a plastic wheel and metal shaft. The caster measures approximately 2-15/16-inches in diameter and has a wheel-locking mechanism. The caster wheel makes it possible to move your grill around easily, and the locking mechanism allows the user to keep it stable in place while it is in use. If one of the casters is damaged, it can cause the grill to be off-balance, or it could make it difficult or impossible to move around.
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Hardware For Lid Assembly
Fix Number FIX10512592
Manufacturer Part Number 88206
In Stock
Hardware Kit For Bottom Panel
Fix Number FIX10511319
Manufacturer Part Number 67762
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Thermometer Assembly with Tab
Fix Number FIX10510719
Manufacturer Part Number 60540
Installation Instructions
Part was shipped by FIX broken
Could not install broken, which FIX has ignored two emails requesting REPAIR, REPLACE OR REFUND. There appears to be no Customer Service with FIX. Read more...
In Stock
Upper Bracket Assembly
Fix Number FIX10283916
Manufacturer Part Number B101760
In Stock
Bottom tray
Fix Number FIX10513242
Manufacturer Part Number 99250
In Stock
Locking Caster With Insert
Fix Number FIX10511582
Manufacturer Part Number 70360
On Order
Rubber Lid Bumper For Side Burner.
Fix Number FIX10512097
Manufacturer Part Number 81252


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