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Foot, Front - Single
Fix Number FIX11747965
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10001130
Sold Individually.
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Screw-In Plastic Leveling Leg
Fix Number FIX1152204
Manufacturer Part Number 134548800
This screw-in plastic leveling leg supports the washing machine. If your washer loses balance while it is tumbling, or makes loud noises, then it is best to replace the leveling leg to make sure the height is adjusted. Refer to the diagram provided by the manufacturer for further installation instructions and safety practices.
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Rubber Foot Pad
Fix Number FIX11738859
Manufacturer Part Number WP210684
This foot pad is just over an inch in diameter. It is made entirely of rubber and is gray in color. This pad is intended for use with washers and some dryers.
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Special Order
Leveling Leg and Pad
Fix Number FIX11740563
Manufacturer Part Number WP25001119
This part includes locknut.
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Adjustable Levelling Leg
Fix Number FIX2021026
Manufacturer Part Number 22003428
Sold Individually. This adjustable leveling leg comes with a stop nut.
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Fix Number FIX7788210
Manufacturer Part Number AFC72909305
This levelling leg is a genuine replacement part. It is used to help keep your washing machine stable and balanced. It helps support your appliance. It screws into the base of your washer, and you can thread it in or out to adjust the height. The foot on this leg is made of rubber, which helps with grip, stabilization, and vibration reduction. It is also hexagonal in shape, which allows you to more easily adjust it. This levelling leg features a locknut on the shaft which can be tightened against the bottom of your appliance, this will stop the leg from rotating while you are using your washer. This replacement is sold individually.
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Rear Leveling Foot
Fix Number FIX334463
Manufacturer Part Number 285244
Sold Individually. Used to help stabilize the appliance on uneven surfaces.
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Leveling Foot & Nut
Fix Number FIX11746502
Manufacturer Part Number WP8563585
Sold individually.
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Leveling Leg
Fix Number FIX2349253
Manufacturer Part Number 134639100
Sold individually.
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Leveling Leg with Foot
Fix Number FIX11738005
Manufacturer Part Number W10862938
Sold individually.
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