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Pump Filter
Fix Number FIX3522306
Manufacturer Part Number 383EER2001A
This replacement pump filter, also known as a filter assembly, is a genuine OEM part for your washer or washer/dryer combo. Before beginning this repair, turn off the power and water supply to your washer. The filter assembly may need to be replaced because it is broken or is leaking water. To locate the filter assembly, pry open the small door on the front of the washer, using a flat-blade screwdriver. Unplug the drain hose next to the filter and drain the water into a bucket. Then unscrew the pump filter, and replace with your new one.
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Fix Number FIX11774537
Manufacturer Part Number WE18X25102
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Water Inlet Valve Filter Screens
Fix Number FIX3618281
Manufacturer Part Number AGM73269501
This includes one orange screen and one blue screen.
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Fix Number FIX11746894
Manufacturer Part Number WP96160
Found on the water inlet valve.
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Inner Tub Filter Plug Kit
Fix Number FIX334684
Manufacturer Part Number 285868
Kit contains 4 plugs - replaces the lint filter that goes under spin basket. The filter under the spin basket is no longer required. Replaces round filter assembly.
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Pump Filter
Fix Number FIX3655061
Manufacturer Part Number 137518800
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Noise Filter Assembly
Fix Number FIX3528920
Manufacturer Part Number 6201EC1006T
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Self-Cleaning Filter
Fix Number FIX2017415
Manufacturer Part Number 207219
Located under the agitator assembly.
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Agitator Filter
Fix Number FIX273334
Manufacturer Part Number WH45X144
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Washer Pump Filter
Fix Number FIX2340052
Manufacturer Part Number WH23X10029
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