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Oven Control Knob
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Fix Number FIX11740796
Manufacturer Part Number WP3150371
This oven control knob is a genuine OEM replacement part for your range. The control knob is made of black plastic and fits onto a double flat shaft. This part is used to control the oven temperature, and if it has become damaged it should be replaced. Tools should not be required to replace the knob, simply pull the old one off and press the new one into place.
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Knob - Black
Fix Number FIX8753661
Manufacturer Part Number WB03X21244
This is a control knob for your microwave. The knob is about 1.5 inches in diameter, is black and silver in color, and is sourced directly from the original manufacturer.
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Thermostat/Selector Knob
Fix Number FIX11742316
Manufacturer Part Number WP4168403
This knob accepts a D-shaped shaft.
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Thermostat Knob
Fix Number FIX11757569
Manufacturer Part Number WPY703499
This thermostat knob is two inches in diameter. It is a black knob with white numbering indicating the temperature inside the oven as well as the 'off' and 'clean' positions. There is also some chrome present on this knob. This thermostat knob is used for some self-cleaning ovens.
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Timer Knobs - Kit of 3
Fix Number FIX248906
Manufacturer Part Number WB3X5699
This set of 3 clock timer knobs let you set and change the settings on your range clock. These genuine OEM knobs are made of black plastic and measure approximately 1-inch long.
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Surface Burner Knob
Fix Number FIX11741145
Manufacturer Part Number WP330190
Sold Individually.
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Thermostat Knob - chrome
Fix Number FIX11743974
Manufacturer Part Number WP74001254
This thermostat knob is an inch in diameter and an inch tall. It accepts a 'D' shaped shaft and is chrome colored.
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Clock Knob
Fix Number FIX11740808
Manufacturer Part Number WP3169181
Sold Individually. Order quantity required.
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Upper Selector Knob
Fix Number FIX11743842
Manufacturer Part Number WP703502
This upper selector knob is two inches in diameter. It is primarily black with white lettering denoting the many different functions of the oven: bake, convection, broil, off, and clean. Its center is chrome. This knob is used for some self-cleaning ranges.
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Control Knob - Black
Fix Number FIX2581845
Manufacturer Part Number 316543810
Sold individually.