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Terminal Block
Fix Number FIX11750972
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10245259
It provides a way of connecting individual electrical wires and offers protection of the device from electrical surges (voltages and/or currents).
Fixes these symptoms
  • Element will not heat
  • Little to no heat when baking
  • Touchpad does not respond
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Ribbon Cable Harness
Fix Number FIX1526364
Manufacturer Part Number 241680002
Used in the dispenser board area.
Fixes these symptoms
  • Ice maker not making ice
  • Ice maker won’t dispense ice
  • Light not working
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Terminal and Wire Kit
Fix Number FIX334181
Manufacturer Part Number 279318
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Ice Maker Wire Harness
Fix Number FIX11747840
Manufacturer Part Number WPD7813010
This part connects to the electrical and allows power to flow through your appliance.
Fixes these symptoms
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Fix Number FIX10060215
Manufacturer Part Number 242213501
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Fix Number FIX3633164
Manufacturer Part Number W10488357
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Fix Number FIX3519855
Manufacturer Part Number 3550JA1455C
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Fix Number FIX11743010
Manufacturer Part Number WP596797
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Ice Maker Wire Harness
Fix Number FIX11743112
Manufacturer Part Number WP61001882
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Wiring Harness
Fix Number FIX11749066
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10146386