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Fix Number FIX11739241
Manufacturer Part Number WP2198628
This part is a replacement refrigerator drive shaft seal for your refrigerator. The drive shaft seal protects the auger motor from water and condensation that may leak down the drive shaft from the ice bucket. If the seal is broken, water and condensation can get in, causing the ice maker to fail. To replace the seal, first remove the ice bucket from your freezer. Then remove the two screws on the drive shaft holder, and use a pair of pliers to remove the drive shaft. At this point you can remove the seal from the drive shaft. Be sure to clean the area that the seal sits in before you reinstall the drive shaft. This part is white in color and is about an inch in diameter. The seal is sold individually.
Fixes these symptoms
  • Ice maker not making ice
  • Ice maker won’t dispense ice
  • See more...
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Ice Maker Fill Tube Gasket
Fix Number FIX11738269
Manufacturer Part Number WP1106508
Fixes these symptoms
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Fix Number FIX969603
Manufacturer Part Number 2302710
In Stock
Door Gasket - White
Fix Number FIX969602
Manufacturer Part Number 2302709
In Stock
Freezer Door Gasket - White
Fix Number FIX11740017
Manufacturer Part Number WP2266905
Special Order
Fix Number FIX321132
Manufacturer Part Number 2001326
In Stock
Fix Number FIX332976
Manufacturer Part Number 2220904
Special Order
Fix Number FIX8695873
Manufacturer Part Number 00145466
In Stock
Fix Number FIX8700370
Manufacturer Part Number 00241177
In Stock
Fix Number FIX8711738
Manufacturer Part Number 00415942

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