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Door Handle Fastener
Fix Number FIX6447735
Manufacturer Part Number WR01X11007
This is a door handle fastener to secure the handle to your refrigerator drawer. It is also known and a mounting bolt or screw. It is approximately 1 inch in total length, and is made of metal.
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Torx Screw
Fix Number FIX11741257
Manufacturer Part Number WP3368921
This is a genuine OEM Torx screw that measures 7-18 and 3/4-inch. The screw is sold individually and can be used in a variety of appliances. The star shaped head allows the screw to have more torque applied so the screw can be tightened securely.
Fixes these symptoms
  • Gas igniter glows, but will not light
  • Will Not Start
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Lid Bumper
Fix Number FIX284979
Manufacturer Part Number WR02X10540
This genuine OEM replacement part is a bumper for your refrigerator. The bumper is made of orange rubber and measures less than half an inch in diameter. The bumper is used to prevent the fan motor from scraping against the side bracket in the evaporator fan motor assembly. You can find the bumper behind the evaporator fan cover in the freezer. If your fridge or freezer is noisy, it is likely that the bumper has worn down and will need to be replaced.
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Mounting Screw
Fix Number FIX6011723
Manufacturer Part Number WR01X11014
This door mounting screw is a genuine OEM part for your appliances. This screw is used to attach the door handles to their studs. If the door handle is loose or falling off, you may need to replace the mounting screw.
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Fix Number FIX11743743
Manufacturer Part Number WP681249
Sold individually.
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Door Bumper - Black
Fix Number FIX241365
Manufacturer Part Number WB2K15
Sold individually.
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Screw, 8/18 x 3/8
Fix Number FIX11746840
Manufacturer Part Number WP90767
This is a multi-use screw and can be used on a variety of appliances. The measurements of the screw are: 8/18 x 3/8. *Please note: the screw is sold individually. Refer to the manual provided by the manufacturer for further repair guidance.
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Knob Skirt - Black
Fix Number FIX11731279
Manufacturer Part Number W10854242
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Single Heating Element Support Clip
Fix Number FIX243701
Manufacturer Part Number WB2X9719
This metallic clip is used to help support the broil element. Sold individually.
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Screw - 10-16 x 1
Fix Number FIX11741409
Manufacturer Part Number WP3387230
This is a multi-use screw mostly used in dryers. It has a diameter of #10, length of one inch, and thread size of 16. Remember to follow safety practices and instructions provided in the manufacturer manual. *Please note: this screw is sold separately.