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Vent Trim - (Black)
Fix Number FIX11752547
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10310922
This black stainless steel oven door vent fits on the top of the oven door, attaches the door handle and the outer glass to the door itself, and vents hot air out of the oven. The vent measures approximately 30.5 inches long x 2 inches wide. This door vent does not come with the attachment screws.
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Oven Door Cap - White
Fix Number FIX2368734
Manufacturer Part Number 316575500
This part goes over the top of the oven door glass. The door handle also attaches to the door cap.
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Microwave Vent Grille
Fix Number FIX11774030
Manufacturer Part Number WB34X25406
The Vent grille covers components inside the microwave while allowing airflow through the slats.
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Door Top Trim
Fix Number FIX2368735
Manufacturer Part Number 316575501
This is the part the handle screws into for installation.
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Vent Trim - White
Fix Number FIX11753100
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10335331
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Vent Trim - Black
Fix Number FIX3507127
Manufacturer Part Number W10294855
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Vent Trim - White
Fix Number FIX11723122
Manufacturer Part Number W10817433
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Oven Door Vent Trim
Fix Number FIX11747361
Manufacturer Part Number WP9762391
Grille only.
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Fix Number FIX11703057
Manufacturer Part Number W10752102
Air Grille
Fix Number FIX2201733
Manufacturer Part Number Y706005