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Wall Vent Cap Kit - 5 Inch duct - with Gray Cover
Fix Number FIX2105196
Manufacturer Part Number A405
This wall vent cap kit comes with a spring loaded damper. This part can be painted.
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Air Duct Bracket
Fix Number FIX3523851
Manufacturer Part Number 4810W1A151A
This bracket holds the metal or plastic flapper that closes off the exhaust duct when the fan is not running and opens when the fan turns on. If the exhaust fan on your microwave does not appear to be working, the problem may be with the damper assembly. If the damper does not open and close easily, check for any damage to the bracket, and replace if it is damaged or faulty. This genuine OEM exhaust damper measures approximately 12 inches long by 5 inches wide.
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Fix Number FIX3524148
Manufacturer Part Number 4900W1A001B
This metal vent damper door closes off the exhaust duct when the fan is not running to stop outside air from entering the microwave unit, and opens when the fan turns on to allow air to vent away from the microwave. This vent damper door measures approximately 10 inches long x 3 inches wide and fits LG microwaves.
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Fix Number FIX1018887
Manufacturer Part Number WB06X10686
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Adapter Assembly,vent tube ,w/converter
Fix Number FIX1146692
Manufacturer Part Number 318317100
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Fix Number FIX977456
Manufacturer Part Number 316073606
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Fix Number FIX6447600
Manufacturer Part Number WB06X10920
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Center Vent - Black
Fix Number FIX11747273
Manufacturer Part Number WP9760225BL
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Oven Vent
Fix Number FIX11769746
Manufacturer Part Number W10909992
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Range Oven Vent
Fix Number FIX12726088
Manufacturer Part Number WB38X33650