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Aluminum Filter (8-3/4 Inch X 10-1/2 Inch) - 42000-K
Fix Number FIX10280129
Manufacturer Part Number S97006931
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Light Cover Lens
Fix Number FIX11745125
Manufacturer Part Number WP8186930
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Installation Instructions
Marilyn from Snohomish, WA says,

light cover had fallen apart
All I had to do was snap it back into place. Easy....read more

Fix Number FIX879068
Manufacturer Part Number 4378581
This metallic vent hood filter collects grease particles in the air from cooking. This filter is also removable for cleaning.
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Rocker Switch
Fix Number FIX11741002
Manufacturer Part Number WP31986601B
This is an OEM part sourced directly from the manufacturer. This rocker switch is used a number of appliances, most often it is used in ranges, dishwashers, range hoods, wall ovens, and cooktops. He uses vary depending on appliance, but some common uses are to turn on oven lights and downdraft fans. In the case of ranges, and wall ovens it fits in the control panel and allowed you to turn the oven light on an off. Due to the mechanical nature and the fact this part is made out of plastic it may wear down over time, at which point it will need to be replaced. To replace this switch you first need to remove the control panel, you will then pull the connector off the back of the switch, make sure you attention to which is the top and which is the bottom, this will make installing the new switch easier. After the connector had been removed you can then push the old plastic rocker switch out of the hole, and pop the new switch into place. Then reconnect the wires, and reassemble the control panel. Before starting this repair make sure your appliance had been unplugged.
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Fan Blade
Fix Number FIX982021
Manufacturer Part Number 8190873
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