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Fix Number FIX8769124
Manufacturer Part Number 5304493153
The relay switch may also be known as the door micro switch and is a part for your microwave. The function of this part is to monitor the door latch and communicate whether the door latch is open or closed to the electronic control board. Before making this repair, you will want to make sure to unplug your microwave and discharge the capacitor. Your microwave capacitor is able to store electricity in large quantities even after it has been unplugged. The most common reason for replacing your relay switch is if the microwave will not turn on but your timer still runs..
Fixes these symptoms
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Fix Number FIX454583
Manufacturer Part Number 5303203779
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Fix Number FIX460414
Manufacturer Part Number 5303284210
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Micro Switch with Line Fuse
Fix Number FIX466978
Manufacturer Part Number 5303319559
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Fix Number FIX1532505
Manufacturer Part Number 5304456101

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