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Lint Trap Housing Seal
Fix Number FIX11741506
Manufacturer Part Number WP339956
This genuine OEM part is a lint trap housing seal for your dryer. This part is used to form an airtight seal at the back of the dryer drum and the lint duct. The foam seal is approximately 28 inches in length, 1 inch wide, about half an inch thick, and has an adhesive backing. The seal is located between the lint duct and the bulkhead of the dryer. You may need to replace the seal if there is air leaking from the dryer while it is running, which would result in your laundry taking too long to dry.
Fixes these symptoms
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Fix Number FIX392038
Manufacturer Part Number 8184109
Waterproof seal.
Fixes these symptoms
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Door Seal
Fix Number FIX978383
Manufacturer Part Number 318053120
This part has been replaced by the manufacture. It may differ in appearance but will still function the same.
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Fix Number FIX11731331
Manufacturer Part Number W10856596
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Fix Number FIX8692358
Manufacturer Part Number 807545502
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Fix Number FIX2369474
Manufacturer Part Number 5304474405
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Fix Number FIX8692357
Manufacturer Part Number 807545501
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Fix Number FIX10061106
Manufacturer Part Number 00771184
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Fix Number FIX11746321
Manufacturer Part Number WP854334
No Longer Available
Fix Number FIX11751915
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10282960