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LED Display Board
Fix Number FIX11748663
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10124269
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Microwave Inverter
Fix Number FIX2342258
Manufacturer Part Number W10217711
The inverter acts like the brain for the microwave. It sends high voltage to the magnetron to produce heat.
Fixes these symptoms
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Electronic Control Board - Black
Fix Number FIX11748457
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10116267
Also known as the "brains" of your microwave.
Fixes these symptoms
In Stock
Fix Number FIX11745310
Manufacturer Part Number WP8206602
In Stock
Noise Filter Board
Fix Number FIX3500969
Manufacturer Part Number W10422269
The purpose of this board is to smooth out the voltage in the microwave into a more usable level.
Special Order
Microwave Keypad
Fix Number FIX11745311
Manufacturer Part Number WP8206635
Fixes these symptoms
In Stock
Microwave Electronic Control Board
Fix Number FIX11753504
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10350780
Special Order
Microwave User Interface Control Board
Fix Number FIX11755196
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10466825
The user interface control board processes and sends time and cook settings to the main control board.
In Stock
Fix Number FIX11748599
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10120220
Special Order
Light Switch Board
Fix Number FIX11754300
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10403040

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