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Fix Number FIX16632658
Manufacturer Part Number DE81-10108A
This is an open lever for a microwave. It allows the microwave door to open when prompted. When you push on your door latch lever, it contacts the door latch assembly and releases the hooks that lock the door shut, allowing the door to open. If your door will not open, you may need to replace the open lever. You will need to remove the microwave cover and possibly the control panel, depending on your model, t
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edward from minnepolis, MN
push button would not open the microwave door.
took off the cover of the microwave, saw that plastic lever was broken off and removed it and put in the new part and worked perfectly,, very easy. Read more...
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Fix Number FIX16631842
Manufacturer Part Number DE81-08798A
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Fix Number FIX16632222
Manufacturer Part Number DE81-09412A
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Fix Number FIX16631847
Manufacturer Part Number DE81-08803A
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Fix Number FIX16631848
Manufacturer Part Number DE81-08804A
Microwaves in your appliance are created by the magneton, and then they travel into the cavity of your appliance through a hole on the inside wall. This cover goes over that hole and acts as a filter, it allows the microwaves to pass through it and into your appliance to heat food. It also stops moisture and food particles from getting into the mechanisms of the microwave. The waveguide is found inside the microwave, attached by one or more screws to the right side or in the roof. If you notice that your waveguide has fallen off, has a hole in it, or is sparking or arcing during the cooking process, you will need to replace the part. A new cover is rigid and firm, but over time it becomes soft and flexible due to absorbing moisture. NOTE: Remember to disconnect the power and discharge the capacitor from the microwave before starting this repair. The capacitor can hold a charge even when power is disconnected from the unit.
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Fix Number FIX16631845
Manufacturer Part Number DE81-08801A
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Fix Number FIX16631322
Manufacturer Part Number DE81-07930A

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