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Door Catch Kit
10 Reviews
Fix Number FIX334230
Manufacturer Part Number 279570
This kit includes two door strikes, and three door catches, to service doors that have one or two catches. The strike is mounted on the body of the dryer, while the catch is mounted on the dryer door. These two parts work together to keep the dryer door shut while in operation. If your appliances lid will not close, or it will not start, it may be time to replace the door catch. If this part is malfunctioning, it should be replaced immediately, as it is not safe to run a dryer with the door not properly closed. This kit also comes with a set of instructions to help with the repair.
Fixes these symptoms
  • Door Pops Open
  • Door won’t close
  • Lid or door won’t close
  • See more...
Installation Instructions
jeffrey from Brookhaven, PA
Dryer would run, but not heat
Needed it running quick, so no diagnostics. Ordered one of everything that could fix problem (plus a new door catch). Tipped it onto it's back & popped the bottom cover off. Element, thermal cutoff, thermistor, and fuse. were right in front and held by 2 screws each (don't drop them, don't ask). A little bit tight inside, but no big issue. vacuumed the inside, replaced everything (it was the Heating Element, by the way), slapped the cover on, and put it back in its spot. works like it was new. Yes, I unplugged it first. Remember! Safety Third! Read more...
In Stock
Touch-Up Paint - White
Fix Number FIX385132
Manufacturer Part Number 72017
Installation Instructions
Al from Cape Coral, FL
No heat when trying to dry clothes .
Followed instructions on your videos. Everything went as planned and the dryer works like new.... Read more...
In Stock
Fix Number FIX11746216
Manufacturer Part Number WP8537982
Sold Individually. Appliance normally takes 4.
In Stock
Spray Paint - 12 oz. - White
Fix Number FIX347819
Manufacturer Part Number 350930
In Stock
Leveling Foot & Nut
Fix Number FIX11746502
Manufacturer Part Number WP8563585
Sold individually.
In Stock
Touch-up Paint - Black
Fix Number FIX385141
Manufacturer Part Number 72032
In Stock
Touch-Up Paint - Biscuit
Fix Number FIX373131
Manufacturer Part Number 4392899
In Stock
Spray Paint - Superior Black
Fix Number FIX334404
Manufacturer Part Number 285006
This is a 12oz can of black spray paint.
Special Order
Fix Number FIX11746770
Manufacturer Part Number WP8578394
In Stock
Leveling Leg Locking Nut
Fix Number FIX11741219
Manufacturer Part Number WP3359452
This nut is sold individually. Size: 3/8-16
Installation Instructions
Margaret from McLeansville, NC
Washing Machine Out of Balance - Missing Leveling Feet
The was an extremely simple repair. Tilted the washer up, placed the nut on the level foot, inserted the leveling foot in the slot and voila! Done. Absolute easiest repair ever. Read more...

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