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Backsplash - White
Fix Number FIX1482163
Manufacturer Part Number WE19M1490
Also known as Control Panel.
Fixes these symptoms
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Top Panel - White
Fix Number FIX11750407
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10208383
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Control Panel
Fix Number FIX1482165
Manufacturer Part Number WE19M1492
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Grey Top Panel
Fix Number FIX11755081
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10460919
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Fix Number FIX3653423
Manufacturer Part Number 137505210
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Bottom Panel - White
Fix Number FIX975731
Manufacturer Part Number 134321702
This is the replacement bottom panel or access panel for your dryer or washer. It is white in color and is approximately 28 inches wide and 10 inches tall. The access panel can be removed from the bottom of your dryer, so you can access the parts behind it. The main reason that you would want to replace the panel is if it is damaged, or it will not stay attached to the dryer. This part is sold individually and is an authentic OEM part sourced directly from the manufacturer.
Fixes these symptoms
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Dryer Backsplash Panel Assembly
Fix Number FIX3487095
Manufacturer Part Number WE19M1678
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Backsplash - White
Fix Number FIX1482159
Manufacturer Part Number WE19M1486
Also known as control panel.
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Dryer Top
Fix Number FIX11753111
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10336080
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Control Panel - White
Fix Number FIX3487077
Manufacturer Part Number WE19M1656