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Leveling Foot
Fix Number FIX1609293
Manufacturer Part Number 49621
It is important for your dryer to be properly leveled, as an unleveled one can cause excessive vibration and noise when operating, may not drain properly, and can cause excessive wear on various parts. A basic bubble level can be used to check that your appliance is good to go, and if it needs adjustments these leveling feet are what you need. There is a foot located at each corner of your dryer, that can be adjusted individually to ensure your appliance is balanced. If your dryer is wobbly, and has become noisy and excessively vibrating when it is running, one of these feet may be damaged and needs replacing. This OEM part is sold individually, so if you need to replace more than one foot be sure to order the correct quantity. They are approximately two inches in length, one inch wide, and are made of a threaded white plastic.
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Foot, Front - Single
Fix Number FIX11747965
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10001130
Sold Individually.
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Adjustable Leveling Foot - Black
Fix Number FIX425733
Manufacturer Part Number 216396900
This is an adjustable foot for your freezer, refrigerator, and dryer. This part supports your unit by screwing into one of the bottom four corners, and adjusting the height of your machine. If your appliance is lopsided, the adjustable foot can fix that. Because the foot is shaped like a screw, it will simply twist into place without any tools. This part is sold individually.
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Adjustable Leveling Screw
Fix Number FIX1021358
Manufacturer Part Number WE1M642
The adjustable leveling screws on the bottom of your dryer can be screwed in or out to lower or raise the leg level. If one of the leveling screws is stripped, damaged, or missing, you may not be able to create a level base for your dryer. The leveling screw has a hexagon-shaped gray plastic foot, with a screw that is approximately 1 inch in length. To replace a damaged screw, simply turn the old screw to the left, until it can be removed. Then, simply screw the new leveling screw into place on the bottom of the dryer, making sure it is the same height as the other 3 leveling screws.
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Rubber Foot Pad
Fix Number FIX11738859
Manufacturer Part Number WP210684
This foot pad is just over an inch in diameter. It is made entirely of rubber and is gray in color. This pad is intended for use with washers and some dryers.
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Rubber Leveling Leg Foot Pad
Fix Number FIX11757547
Manufacturer Part Number WPY314137
This gray levelling leg foot pad is made of rubber and is just over an inch in diameter. Sold individually.
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Adjustable Levelling Leg
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Fix Number FIX2021026
Manufacturer Part Number 22003428
Sold Individually. This adjustable leveling leg comes with a stop nut.
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Levelling Feet, Pack of 4
Fix Number FIX11770254
Manufacturer Part Number W11025920
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Fix Number FIX8727450
Manufacturer Part Number 00611942
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Fix Number FIX3523560
Manufacturer Part Number 4778EL3001B
This plastic adjustable dryer leg is used to support the weight and adjust the height of your dryer to keep it level. To install the leg, tip the dryer back and screw it into the bottom of your dryer unit. Please note that this dryer leg is sold individually.