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Igniter Kit
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Fix Number FIX334180
Manufacturer Part Number 279311
This is a genuine OEM replacement igniter kit for your gas-heated clothes dryer. The silicon carbide igniter is used to light the gas that creates the heat in order to dry your clothes. If your dryer is not heating, takes a long time to dry clothes, or has low heat you may want to consider replacing your igniter. This kit can be used to replace both round and flat igniters, and comes with a 3-inch flat igniter, bracket, 4-inch wire lead, and the plug. Before beginning this repair, please ensure that the power and gas is disconnected from the range. As the igniter is located within the burner assembly, you will need a variety of tools to complete the installation. These tools include a putty knife, a small flat blade screwdriver, a 5/16 nut driver, and a 5/16 socket with a ratchet. This part should be handled with care, as the igniter is very fragile.
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Flat Style Igniter
Fix Number FIX373025
Manufacturer Part Number 4391996
This flat style igniter comes with a wire harness connector. This part ignites the gas within the dryer. Bracket is NOT included.
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Round Carborundum Oven Igniter
2 Reviews
Fix Number FIX360921
Manufacturer Part Number 4342528
This round style carborundum gas oven igniter has 10 inch lead and amperage range between 2.5 and 3.0 amps. Be very careful when handling this igniter as it is very fragile. Please note - The bracket and screws are not included. This part will not replace the flat style igniters. Also known as bake and broil igniter.
Fixes these symptoms
  • Element will not heat
  • Gas igniter glows, but will not light
  • Little to no heat when baking
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Gas Igniter
Fix Number FIX3527801
Manufacturer Part Number 5318EL3001A
Comes with bracket and wire harness.
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Fix Number FIX11741932
Manufacturer Part Number WP37001308
The bracket is no longer included.
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Fix Number FIX11741122
Manufacturer Part Number WP33002789
This part ignites the gas within the dryer.
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Igniter with Wire Harness
Fix Number FIX11740723
Manufacturer Part Number WP31001556
This part lights the gas burner to create heat.
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Fix Number FIX900236
Manufacturer Part Number 5303937186
This part ignites the gas within the dryer. Be sure to not handle this igniter by the gray part as it is very fragile.
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Gas Igniter
Fix Number FIX268028
Manufacturer Part Number WE4X444
Be very careful to not handle the igniter by its gray part. Hold it by its white tip only.
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Fix Number FIX2364812
Manufacturer Part Number WE4M449