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Drum Bearing – Part Number: 00618931
Drum Bearing
Fix Number FIX8728431
Manufacturer Part Number 00618931
Fixes these symptoms

Installation Instructions
Walter from Chesapeake, VA says,

Making metal rubbing noise or bad bearing noise during operation
I decided to replace the Drum support wheels (2), Rear drum bearing, Belt tension wheel, Drum front felt gasket and Drum Belt. 1.) Remove the top plate which slides back about 1/2" then pull up easy. ...read more

Fluff Filter – Part Number: 00652184
Fluff Filter
Fix Number FIX8731352
Manufacturer Part Number 00652184
Also know as a lint filter.
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
Dryer Thermistor – Part Number: 10010119
Dryer Thermistor
Fix Number FIX12713270
Manufacturer Part Number 10010119
Genuine OEM 00154166 Dryer Thermistor. This thermistor is for the the front of the dryer and monitors the temperature inside the dryer.
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
Installation Instructions
John from Prineville, OR says,

no heat
Step 1.....UNPLUG UNIT FROM ELECTRICAL SUPPLY!!! Removed back panel of dryer and found the high limit switch had tripped. Removed front panel and opened blower housing/ duct. Using bottle...read more

HOOK – Part Number: 00154074
Fix Number FIX8695987
Manufacturer Part Number 00154074
Fixes these symptoms
Door won’t close

HANDLE – Part Number: 00644222
Fix Number FIX8730121
Manufacturer Part Number 00644222
Fixes these symptoms
Door won’t close

Installation Instructions
Kathleen from Albuquerque, NM says,

The handle broke when opening the dryer
I had to use a hex bit type of screwdriver. I unscrewed to screws and then replaced the broken handle with the new one. The hardest part was finding the right hex bit to use....read more

Heating Element Assembly – Part Number: 00436460
Heating Element Assembly
Fix Number FIX8714887
Manufacturer Part Number 00436460
This heating element generates heat for your dryer.
Fixes these symptoms
No heat or not enough heat

Lint Filter – Part Number: 00436476
Lint Filter
Fix Number FIX8714891
Manufacturer Part Number 00436476
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
Installation Instructions
Michael from PORTLAND, OR says,

The original lint filter was broken.
Opened the dryer door, took out the broken filter and put in the new one. Door then closed. It's a good thing I am retired because there was a lot of time and effort involved in this project. I am sur...read more

Sleeve – Part Number: 00422204
Fix Number FIX8713206
Manufacturer Part Number 00422204
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
Door Latch - White – Part Number: 00491673
Door Latch - White
Fix Number FIX8722573
Manufacturer Part Number 00491673
Sold individually.
Fixes these symptoms
Door won’t close

Door Hinge – Part Number: 00491647
Door Hinge
Fix Number FIX8722560
Manufacturer Part Number 00491647
Fixes these symptoms
Door won’t close

Installation Instructions
Jean from AMORY, MS says,

One of the two braces on the dryer door hinge broke off. It was a balancing act to open and close the door.
1. Ordered a new hinge. 2. Took a picture of the inside of door and hinge area in case we needed a reminder of how the door was attached (didn't this this because it was all pretty simple). 3. Re...read more

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