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Heating Element Brass Nut
Fix Number FIX1524878
Manufacturer Part Number 154106202
This heating element mounting nut is used in dishwashers and is used to hold the nut to prevent leaking. If your nut is damaged or you notice leaking from the dishwasher, then replacing this nut will solve this problem. The tools needed for this repair are a 1/2 inch wrench, 1/4 inch nut driver, and needle nose pliers. To repair, locate the two element heating nuts. Next, disconnect connecter wire and remove nut with wrench. Tip: when installing new nut, remember to add insulator sleeve back on. As a safety precaution, remember to disconnect the water supply line before beginning this installation. Also, unplug your dishwasher from the power source.
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Kickplate Mounting Screw
Fix Number FIX2373377
Manufacturer Part Number 154754801
Sold individually.
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Spring Linkage
Fix Number FIX420766
Manufacturer Part Number 154325201
This linkage attaches to the door spring.
Fixes these symptoms
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Fix Number FIX419777
Manufacturer Part Number 154093301
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Kit - includes 8 Screws & 8 Washers
Fix Number FIX470437
Manufacturer Part Number 5303943103
Use for the upper rack rollers on the upper rack of your dishwasher.
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Access Panel Screw - Black
Fix Number FIX649154
Manufacturer Part Number 154419403
Sold individually.
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Mounting Screw
Fix Number FIX419819
Manufacturer Part Number 154103702
This screw is sold individually.
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Lower Rack Bracket
Fix Number FIX421062
Manufacturer Part Number 154376501
This white lower rack bracket is a little over an inch long. Sold individually.
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Center Spray Arm Nut
Fix Number FIX420495
Manufacturer Part Number 154252001
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Screw - White
Fix Number FIX421041
Manufacturer Part Number 154371301
This screw is sold individually.

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