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Leveling Screw
Fix Number FIX11762951
Manufacturer Part Number WD12X23057
This is a genuine GE dishwasher leveling screw. It operates as a leg on the bottom of your dishwasher, and can be screwed in and out to raise and lower the height of the dishwasher. It is made of metal and is and OEM part.
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Leveling Leg
Fix Number FIX11770497
Manufacturer Part Number 5304506540
Sold individually.
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Adjustable Leveling Screw
Fix Number FIX1021358
Manufacturer Part Number WE1M642
The adjustable leveling screws on the bottom of your dryer can be screwed in or out to lower or raise the leg level. If one of the leveling screws is stripped, damaged, or missing, you may not be able to create a level base for your dryer. The leveling screw has a hexagon-shaped gray plastic foot, with a screw that is approximately 1 inch in length. To replace a damaged screw, simply turn the old screw to the left, until it can be removed. Then, simply screw the new leveling screw into place on the bottom of the dryer, making sure it is the same height as the other 3 leveling screws.
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Caster Wheel
Fix Number FIX11746836
Manufacturer Part Number WP903297
This dishwasher caster wheel is four inches long. It is a two inch black wheel with a white shaft. This wheel is used with portable dishwashers.
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Leveling Leg
Fix Number FIX261477
Manufacturer Part Number WD2X320
This leveling leg is located under the dishwasher cabinet. It is sold individually.
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Fix Number FIX8727100
Manufacturer Part Number 00609843
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Fix Number FIX8728141
Manufacturer Part Number 00617585
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Fix Number FIX8770366
Manufacturer Part Number 00631221
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Fix Number FIX11746474
Manufacturer Part Number WP8559933
This includes all 4 casters.
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Dishwasher/Portable Washer Roller
Fix Number FIX11741296
Manufacturer Part Number WP3370639