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Door Catch Kit
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Fix Number FIX334230
Manufacturer Part Number 279570
This kit includes two door strikes, and three door catches, to service doors that have one or two catches. The strike is mounted on the body of the dryer, while the catch is mounted on the dryer door. These two parts work together to keep the dryer door shut while in operation. If your appliances lid will not close, or it will not start, it may be time to replace the door catch. If this part is malfunctioning, it should be replaced immediately, as it is not safe to run a dryer with the door not properly closed. This kit also comes with a set of instructions to help with the repair.
Fixes these symptoms
  • Door Pops Open
  • Door won’t close
  • Lid or door won’t close
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Door Switches and Holder Assembly
Fix Number FIX2099645
Manufacturer Part Number 99002254
This part senses when the door is closed so the cycle can start.
Fixes these symptoms
  • Door latch failure
  • Door won’t close
  • Will Not Start
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Door Cable and Eyelet
Fix Number FIX263918
Manufacturer Part Number WD7X14
This part is sold individually. It is recommended that both sides are changed when replacing one.
Fixes these symptoms
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Fix Number FIX8756120
Manufacturer Part Number WD01X10634
Fixes these symptoms
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Door Panel Insert
Fix Number FIX11741289
Manufacturer Part Number WP3369769
This panel is reversible, black on one side, white on the other side.
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Fix Number FIX11771956
Manufacturer Part Number WD01X22836
Fixes these symptoms
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Fix Number FIX11770561
Manufacturer Part Number 5304506911
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Door Spring Kit
Fix Number FIX2097003
Manufacturer Part Number 901111
Sold individually.
Fixes these symptoms
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Exterior Door Panel - Stainless
Fix Number FIX3492862
Manufacturer Part Number 154829007
Special Order
Long Front Panel - White
Fix Number FIX261627
Manufacturer Part Number WD31X10025