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Burner Bowl Seal
Fix Number FIX244608
Manufacturer Part Number WB32M8
This part is the replacement burner bowl seal or drip pan seal for your range. It is black in color and is sold individually. The burner bowl seal creates a seal between the cooktop and the drip pan and prevents spills from leaking between them. If the seal is broken or worn, it can allow spills to leak under the cooktop. To replace the seal, carefully remove it from under the drip pan, and fit the new seal into place. This is an OEM part sourced directly from the manufacturer.
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Brass Seal
Fix Number FIX11744111
Manufacturer Part Number WP74005893
This is the replacement brass seal for your range or cooktop. It is made of brass and is approximately 1 inch in diameter. This part may also be known as the surface burner orifice holder seal. It prevents gas leaks between the surface burner orifice holder and the surface burner head. The main reason to replace this part is if the old seal is damaged or missing, as gas can leak out. It is important that you unplug the range and shut off the gas supply before beginning this repair. This part is sold individually and is an authentic OEM part.
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Fix Number FIX952314
Manufacturer Part Number WB04T10042
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Burner Pan Seal - Large
Fix Number FIX11743854
Manufacturer Part Number WP71001670
This large pan seal is approximately eight inches in diameter. It is all black in color and it is made entirely of rubber.
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Burner Gasket
Fix Number FIX227129
Manufacturer Part Number WB04T10012
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Burner Seal
Fix Number FIX440055
Manufacturer Part Number 316242000
Sold individually.
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Fix Number FIX440057
Manufacturer Part Number 316242002
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Fix Number FIX440056
Manufacturer Part Number 316242001
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Burner Pan Seal - small
Fix Number FIX11743853
Manufacturer Part Number WP71001669
This small burner pan seal is approximately six inches in diameter. It is all black in color and is made entirely of rubber.
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Fix Number FIX11744408
Manufacturer Part Number WP74010776