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938016 (000101) Ariens Snow Blower

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  • Customer:
    Brian from SOUTHGATE, MI
  • Parts Used:
  • Difficulty Level:
    A Bit Difficult
  • Total Repair Time:
    1- 2 hours
  • Tools:
    Pliers, Socket set, Wrench (Adjustable)
Replaced paddles on old Ariens snow blower. Old plates rusted and couldn’t remove old screws without breaking them.
Cut off old paddles with box cutter. Paddles were old and brittle. Basically broke off. Replaced with new paddles. Needed new screws to replace old rusted, broken ones. Had to use drill with bit to bore out holes a bit on new plates to get new screws to fit. Existing holes were too small. Plates should come with replacement screws. It only figures that if the plates need replacing, then so do the screws. Right? Job took longer than I thought, but went well.
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