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This is a replacement push rod for your lawn tractor engine. It is made of aluminum and is the push rod used for the exhaust valve. Occasionally, the push rod in your engine can become damaged, and wi...
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This is a manufacturer-approved oil filter replacement, sold independently. The oil filter is essential in preventing damaging impurities from mixing with the engine oil. Having a well-maintained oil ...
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Dimension: 21.23-Inch This is a Genuine Manufacturer Approved Blade used on Riding Mower/Lawn Tractor. This Blade is sold Individually. It is a 3-in-1 blade for mulch, bag and side discharge purpos...
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Original Manufacturer Approved replacement Spindle Assembly 6.3 Diameter used on Lawn Tractors/Mowers. Includes Housing, Shaft assembly, Bearing, Pulley and nut. The mounting holes on the Mandrel are ...
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This is a replacement cylinder head gasket for your small engine. The gasket is approximately 5 inches in length and 5 inches in width at its longest and widest points. The gasket creates a seal, and ...
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Parts Used:
Difficulty Level:
Total Repair Time:
1- 2 hours
Nutdriver, Pliers, Socket set, Wrench set
Bad governor
Look on YouTube for video's on how to replace a Briggs governor. There are several there. My favorite, with best explanation, is, "Easily Replace Briggs Governor Gear (V-Twin Intek Engine) with Taryl".

Taryl (probably not his real name) does a very good job of showing step-by- step the whole procedure, along with some additional hints/tricks/techniques of value.

Not including oil and filter, I spent less than $50 for a new governor, gasket, and drive shaft seal. That's all that is really necessary to replace is those three parts. That is, unless pieces of the old governor tore up a gear, valve, or something else. Inspect everything! {I was lucky and only the governor was destroyed}

One word of note. Be sure to clean out all of the debris from the blown governor. Be sure to remove the spark plugs and carefully rotate the drive shaft while looking for nooks-and-crannies where debris can hide. I tried to use a magnet to help, but it didn't help much, even though the block is aluminum.

Good luck.
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