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This fuel filter is for lawn and garden equipment engines. Fuel filter cleans the fuel before it reaches the carburetor. Work in a well-ventilated area when installing this part. Drain the fuel...
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The fuel line carries the fuel from the fuel tank into the carburetor. This particular fuel line can be used in various lawn and garden equipment, such as trimmers and blowers. This clear rubber part ...
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This is a spark plug for your lawn equipment. This part ignites the air and fuel mixture in the cylinder of the engine to power your machine. If the tip of the spark plug is burnt out or damaged it is...
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This is a carburetor repair kit, but it may also be known as a carburetor gasket or diaphragm kit, for your lawn equipment. This assembly is used to replace the gaskets in your machine. If you are hav...
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Common Problems and Symptoms for PE550

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Will Not Start
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Engine stops after a few seconds or minutes
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Parts Used:
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Total Repair Time:
30 - 60 mins
Screw drivers
Broken teeth on both large and small gears
Remove the gear assembly by removing the three Torx screws holding it to the main body, remove gas tank from assembly and set aside without removing gas lines. Remove cover, with blade still installed, that gains access to the gears, remove the large gear and wash out the grease with gasoline. Put penetrating oil like PB Blaster or Liquid Wrench on the end of the bolt at the bottom of the bowel-shaped clutch bell and let it work in. Then, take an Allen wrench that fits the bolt in the small gear and clamp it in a vise with the short end pointing straight up. Set the recess of the bolt on the Allen wrench. This will put the bowl-shaped clutch bell that has 4 holes in it up. Take 2 #2 Phillip's screwdrivers and put them in one of the holes directly across from each other so they form an "X" with the right screwdriver closest to you and the left screwdriver behind the right one.. Then, pushing the screwdriver in the right hand and pulling the screwdriver in the left hand will remove the clutch bell in a counter-clockwise motion. Reverse the above when installing a new gear.
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