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This burner is for cooktops. Burner supplies the heat to a cooking area on the cooktop.
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This surface burner base assembly is for ranges. Surface burner base assembly holds the orifice and directs the gas to the burner head.
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Parts Used:
00645412, 00627235, 00619515, 00618722, 00612818, 00612817
Difficulty Level:
A Bit Difficult
Total Repair Time:
More than 2 hours
Pliers, Screw drivers, Socket set
Random igniter sparking and burner light always on.
The seriously tough parts of this job is removing the five Venturi Tubes that hold the burners in place and the cooktop surface down. One had corroded badly so the brass nut (it is the venturi tub itself) have to be removed by drilling. Luckily, the other four unscrewed.

This resulted in needing to replace the venturi tube an d its holder. Easy once you have access. Internal cooktop pieces are super simple and easy to install.

CLUE - It you must replace a Venturi Tube - you cannot find one to purchase. You must buy the full "Repair-Set" (kit comes with 6 tubes). Bosch (Thermador) Part Number 11016284.
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