Prep Kitchen Appliances for Thanksgiving Like a Pro!
Prepare to avoid despair!

Having some friends over for a nice little Thanksgiving dinner? Getting the entire family together for one big holiday feast? Whichever you're doing, it helps to be prepared so your appliances can do more of the work – and you can do less! We have some easy and simple things you can do to your appliances today so that you can lay back and enjoy your company tomorrow!


Thanksgiving Oven

Cleaning your range can be important for a few different reasons, but it's important to remember that cleaning your appliances helps both functionally, and for the looks! Here are a few things you can do today before you cook your food to have a better all-around experience! And if your range isn't having the best experience, make sure to check out our wide-range of OEM range parts!

Clean Inside-Out!

Your range can get really dirty, really quickly! Even more so if you're cooking in/on it quite often, as most of us are. Cleaning the inside of your range either manually or with a self-cleaning option will absolutely improve your get-together experience! It is important to remember, however, not to use your self-cleaning option right before your company arrives! Sometimes, self-cleaning ranges can encounter problems that are only repairable by technicians, or in some cases, you may have an issue of a really bad smell coming from the range as a result of the cleaning. So if you're expecting people soon, clean manually first, and use the self-clean afterwards!

It's important to remember that cleaning the outside of your range is sometimes just as important as the inside, especially on your control panel and stovetop! Make sure you're using a stovetop cleaner and some water – and tackle those grease monsters! Speaking of stovetop, this is the perfect opportunity to check your stovetop's elements to make sure they're all fully functional and ready for your big feast!


Full Thanksgiving Dishwasher Almost as important as the appliance that cooks the food, is the appliance that cleans up afterward – your dishwasher! There are so many moving parts when it comes to your dishwasher, but we'll break it down super simply so you can clean and eliminate each one off the list so your dishwasher can do its best job on the big day! And if your dishwasher still isn't working right after a thorough cleaning, make sure check our wide-range of OEM dishwasher parts!

Don't let your food gunk put you in a funk!

  • Filter: Your filter keeps your drains clean by keeping any excess food out, and since you're going to have a washer full of dishes, it's probably a good idea to check on your filter to make sure it's not clogged or full of food waste.
  • Spray arms: The spray arms within your dishwasher are crucial to all of your dishes getting the proper cleaning they deserve! Removing and inspecting each arm to make sure there are no clogs or food stuck in the holes can be super helpful when it's time to wash.
  • General cleaning: If your dishwasher hasn't been cleaned in a while, this may be the perfect time to do so. Cleaning your dishwasher is not just about having a squeaky-clean interior, but it also means your dishes can be just as clean! You can read our comprehensively short and straightforward dishwasher cleaning guide for more!


Fridge filled with food

After the feast is over and you're heading off to lay on the couch to nurse your food-coma, it's important that your fridge is ready and able to hold all of the delicious food you couldn't fit in! To best serve your food (and you, later!) it's a great idea to make sure a few things are looked after now, rather than later, so your fridge is ready! And your fridge isn't work properly, check out our wide range of OEM refrigerator parts!

Time to chill-out!

  • Clean it out!: One thing to remember, is that after any large or even small gathering, there's almost always a fair amount of leftovers. Make sure your fridge is ready to fit everything that needs to go into it. This means going through and making sure your already refrigerated food isn't crammed in, and that you have more than enough space.
  • Condensers: Keeping your fridge's condenser coils clean is super easy, and can be done in a matter of minutes. Plus, it helps clean your most valuable (and delicious) food ready for when you're hungry next! Check out the video below for further instructions!

That's it! Go get ready!

Now that you know what to do, go get those appliances ready for your next get-together! And while you're at it, make sure to check out our repair center if any of your appliances are exhibiting specific worrying symptoms ahead of your Thanksgiving plans. Big Family Thanksgiving Dinner