Tools for Your Spring Projects
Get organized and get your projects done!

Before you dive into all the projects around the yard and your home, be sure you have the right tools on hand to get the job done! We all know the struggle of having a task half-finished, only to discover you’re missing an important tool. This guide will make sure that you have everything on hand to ensure that your edges are straight, your cuts are sharp, and your work surfaces are solid.


No matter what the project is, it’s likely that a screwdriver will be making an appearance. Whether you prefer to use individual screwdrivers or a handy multi-tip, you’ll want to look over the tips to ensure that they’re not worn out or that you’re missing any.

Tools for Springtime Projects: Screwdrivers


You will want to be sure that you have a good assortment of drill bits on hand. If you’re going to be buying new ones, invest the money in quality bits – the cheap ones will result in broken bits and heartache. Then make sure you have the necessary screws on hand, appropriate for your projects and your drill type.

Tools for Springtime Projects: Drill


Whether you’re driving nails or removing them, a hammer is going to be one of the most useful tools in your kit. You want to make sure it’s in good condition and that the handle is clean and secure. You likely have a claw hammer but depending on your project you may need more specialized options like a sledgehammer for demolition, or a rubber mallet for assembling furniture.

Tools for Springtime Projects: Hammers

Stay Organized

Did you forget where you placed something? Keep everything organized and on your person by using a tool belt. This allows you to keep nails and screws within easy reach, along with your hammer and screwdrivers.

Tools for Springtime Projects: Tool Belt

Safety Gear

It's very likely that you’ll be using tools that are sharp, pointed, or will create flying debris. That makes it essential for your toolkit to include the appropriate safety gear. At the very least you’ll need eye protection and gloves. If you’re continually running power tools or machinery, ear protection is also important.

Tools for Springtime Projects: Safety Gear

Measuring Devices

If any of your projects involve making straight cuts, hanging items, or creating square corners, you’re going to want the right equipment handy. The first item is a measuring tape, one that has easily legible numbers and can clip onto your tool belt. If you’re working on something like new flooring, an inexpensive laser level can make it quick and easy to get the square footage for your home.

Tools for Springtime Projects: Measuring Tape

A level is an extremely useful tool, whether for checking on your artwork or your washing machine. They come in a variety of sizes, depending on the type of project you’re tackling.

Tools for Springtime Projects: Level

If you need to make straight cuts or square corners, a square will make the job easy. Whether you use a full-size framing square or just a tri-square, it will ensure you’ve done an accurate job.

Tools for Springtime Projects: Square


If your projects involve cutting, you’re going to need the tools to accomplish that. A basic but quality handsaw can be used for your wood cutting purposes, just ensure that the blade is sharp and that the handle is clean and secure.

Tools for Springtime Projects: Handsaw

If you are also cutting metal or plastic, you may need a more specialized saw. A good reciprocating saw will cut through almost any material at any sort of location. A compound chop saw is quick for cutting pieces like studs or rafters. A jigsaw is ideal for your small projects, whereas a table saw is still lightweight, portable, and economical to purchase if you have a large project on your list.

Tools for Springtime Projects: Saws


A ladder is something that will get a lifetime of use around the house and yard. Painting, accessing the attic, cleaning the gutters, clearing dead branches. If you need to get up high, a ladder will get you there. There are numerous styles available depending on your needs or storage options. A collapsible one may be a great choice if you’re short on storage space.

Tools for Springtime Projects: Ladder

With all these tools at the ready, your spring projects will be completed in no time! Ensure that all your equipment is properly maintained so that you avoid any potential accidents. As always, make sure you’re wearing the appropriate safety gear for the job. If you need some replacement parts for your power tools, you can find them on our site by searching with your model number.