Microwave Myths: Is my Microwave Bad for Me?

Are microwaves bad for us? Some myths claim that microwaves zap all the nutrients out of our food while others say it's flat-out dangerous to be around a microwave at all, but is there any truth to these myths?

Check out this video to find out if there is any truth to these common misconceptions:

Myth 1: Nutrient Zapping

Whether you bake, broil, boil or microwave, your food is losing nutrients. Cooking food in your oven using heat energy tends to wipe out more vitamins, thanks to longer cooking times, but it can make proteins easier to digest.

Microwaving your food using electromagnetic radiation cooks your food faster, meaning it'll be richer in vitamins even if proteins are slightly tougher to digest. Why don’t I just boil my food you ask? Well, you could, but you should know that some vitamins dissolve in water and studies show that boiling can sometimes be the least nutritional way to cook your food.

Another benefit to cooking with your microwave is that your food cooks evenly inside and out, whereas heat energy from your oven works from the outside in.

Overall, while microwaves do remove some nutritional value, they often save more compared to other ways of cooking. Consider that myth zapped!

Myth 2: Radiation

Radiation can be a scary word, especially when we're talking about our own homes. Keep in mind that your microwave is not radioactive, it just radiates heat. Yes, too much microwave radiation can be bad for you. However, thanks to strict federal regulations, your microwave can only give off so much, and it’s not enough to cause harm.

Myths Busted

With no evidence that microwaves are harmful to you or your food it's time we put these myths to bed! Embrace the microwave for the amazing thing that it is.