Pump Up the Jam
Music’s Effect on Exercise

It’s no secret that just the right jam played at just the right time can take a tough workout to a whole new level. Fists are pumped in time to the beat, lyrics are chanted in determined, breathy tones, and ultimately, performance is improved. Until now though, the reason music affects our workouts has been something of a mystery. This infographic goes into detail to deconstruct the way music really changes the way we exercise.

Researchers have conducted tests on the effects of music before, during, and after exercise. They have also taken a deeper look at what type of music you should consider listening to at the warm up stage, mid-level stage, and peak of your exercise periods, as well as the type of exercise you are doing. The playlist you normally choose and the genre of music it contains could be helping or hurting your fitness routine in ways you never anticipated.

You should be focussing on beats per minute as a decisive factor when deciding the type of music that works best for your workout. Are you a runner, slow jogger, cyclist, power-lifter, or a yogi? The different heart rates these types of exercise induce match best with the beats per minute of certain genres of music. Learn about these, and other factors to do with music and exercise, that will increase your fitness levels, performance, and happiness when you’re working out.