What's The Difference Between a Blender and a Juicer?
What to Know Before You Buy!

Sometimes we don't want to eat all of our fruits and veggies in salads. Luckily for us, inventors and engineers came up with not just one, but two ways to reduce a pile of fruits and vegetables into a glass of healthy, delicious liquid.

Juicing versus blending, the age-old debate. Which is easier? Which is healthier? Which is better? We will answer these questions and more to help you decide which is right for you!

Which provides a more nutrient-rich drink?

When you put a bunch of ingredients together into your blender, they spin incredibly quickly for quite a while and all that time they're mixing with air. The longer that happens, the more nutrients get oxidized and become, well, useless. A juicer works ingredient by ingredient and processes them way faster than a blender. Any contact with air is much quicker - meaning less oxidization and more nutrients. So if your goal is a nutrient-rich drink, a juicer is the better way to go.

1 point for juicers!

What kind of foods can each machine handle?

You have to be selective with what you're juicing. Leafy greens and most fruits and veggies play well with your juicer, but things like bananas, nuts and seeds, butters, avocados, and ice cubes are all examples of things that will gunk up in your juicer and not actually give you any juice. The good news is that all these foods and more can fit in your blender to make a delicious smoothie.

1 point for blenders!

How do juicers and blenders stack up when it comes to ease of cleaning?

Juicers are generally a bit more work when it comes to cleanup. They have quite a few components that you need to pop out in order to clean individually. Not to mention the additional pulp and remnants when extracting juice from produce tends to be more significant than what's left behind when you're just blending everything together. Cleaning a juicer can often be a time-intensive job and improperly cleaning your juicer could cause it to have a very short life. While blenders, especially the really simple ones, are pretty quick and easy to clean. In fact, many modern blenders are completely dishwasher safe.

Another point for blenders!

What is the difference in price?

Both juicers and blenders come in around similar price points, so if you were hoping that your wallet would make this choice for you, you're in no such luck. We'll have to call this one a draw.

The winner is...

For overall points, the blender takes the win! But unfortunately, there's no definitive answer on which is better, that's really up to you. Blenders are more versatile and easier to clean, but juicers are the healthier option!

While both produce drinks, it's clear that they meet very different needs, making it difficult to compare a blender to a juicer. Rather than look at this as a choice between two machines, it may be better to look at it as a choice of which you should purchase first, based on your current needs.