Safe Tires Equal a Safe Family
How to Test and Maintain Your Tires

You know when you have a flat tire, but do you notice when your tires aren’t in their best condition? Knowing how to check your tires for signs of deterioration can help to prevent accidents as a result of tire failure, and keep you and your family safe on the road.

Under-inflation is the number-one cause of tire failure, which can lead to dangerous driving conditions. Another more surprising side effect of under-inflated tires is reduced fuel economy. But it makes perfect sense when you consider how much harder your vehicle has to work with even one under-inflated tire. Use our tire inflation guide as a reference to determine the optimal inflation point for your vehicle’s tires.

Weather plays a major role in the deterioration of tires, and is also the most important reason to keep your tires in good shape. If your tire treads are worn down, your vehicle will be less-equipped to handle rainy and snowy driving conditions. Take the quarter and penny tests to determine the depth of your tires; this is a great indicator of whether they need to be replaced!

Safety is the best reason to keep your tires up to date, but the financial benefits of tire maintenance are undeniable, and hey, that’s important too! Make tire checks a regular part of your vehicle maintenance starting today.