Around the World in 7 Grills

Hamburgers and hotdogs are staples within the U.S. barbecuing scene, but have you ever thought about how the rest of the world likes to grill their favorite dishes? There is so much more to the art of barbecue than the traditional covered grill used in the United States.

In Morocco, the Tagine (also known as the Tajine) is used to slow-cook stews. It is traditionally made out of terracotta. This porous material absorbs the flavors of the food inside. The older the Tagine, the more flavorful the meal it produces!

In Mexico the Barbacoa is the traditional grilling practice. This technique uses a large hole and an open flame to cook meat. In contrast to the traditional barbecues used in the United States, the Barbacoa allows for very large items to be grilled.

Although still part of the United States, the folks in Hawaii have another grilling technique that is sure to stratify any grill master’s craving. The Imu, also known as an “Earth Oven,” is an underground oven that is heated by hot stones. The stones produce steam, which in turn cooks the meat! This is the traditional way to cook Kalua pig.

The above grilling practices are just the tip of the iceberg! Discover even more ways to expand your culinary knowledge with traditional German, Korean, and Argentinean customs! Hotdogs are great, but how about stepping it up a notch? Explore the different flavors of the world without even having to get your passport stamped!!