Mike Cork

Mike Cork

Mike Cork's fishing experience extends from the Indian Ocean catching Yellow Fin Tuna, to the Sierra Mountains chasing Rainbow Trout. His true passion, though, is tournament bass fishing. Thirty years of tournament experience has taught him many things - most importantly that bass are hard to predict and challenging to catch.

In an effort to catalogue his experiences and teach himself to become a better angler, he's found enjoyment in writing about bass fishing at an advanced level. Now - with seven years of writing experience - he finds he can share his experiences, while learning from them at the same time.

He resides north of Shreveport, Louisiana - home to the Red River. He's been married for 23 years to his wife Laurie, who shares his passion for bass fishing. Retirement from the Air Force after 20 years of service affords him the ability to fish three-four days per week, 12 months a year, and compete in an average of 30-35 bass tournaments a year.

Since bass fishing has been a way of life for Mike since he was old enough to hold a fishing rod, his hobbies include efforts that preserve bass fishing and its environment. He's a current member of B.A.S.S., American Bass Anglers, and Bass Life Associates. When he's not fishing or writing, you can catch him on the forum at Ultimatebass.com.

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