Happy Worship of Tools Day
March 11th

High quality tools have been used for thousands of years. Humans have invented ingenious tools that perform duties from the most simple to the most complex. A hammer, when you think about it, is just a well engineered medium for focused bashing. A saw is designed with many teeth coinciding left and right from the blade. This means the saw creates a cut that is wider than the body of the blade, so it doesn’t jam. Looking at the drill, we can see that it hasn’t changed its basic design in centuries; we’ve just made it electric powered.

The common thread between all of these amazing tools is that they were invented to fill a need. Someone, thousands of years ago, needed to drive some primitive nail into some wood, probably to fasten something together. So they invented the hammer. Likewise, someone wanted to bore a hole, either in the ground or in some wood, so they invented a tool with a cylindrical blade which spun in an annular fashion to drill the hole; effectively inventing the drill.

Tools are an extension of a person’s arm. They are instruments that perform such specific duties, that without the right one, you will find it impossible to do the task. Think of an orchestra that is missing a key instrument section. You would not expect the audience to be fooled by the wind section playing the part of the violins. The sound is completely different and can at best be mimicked by another instrument. But everyone knows that the violins are missing. Likewise, you need the right tool for the job at hand.

On this awesome day, March 11th, it is time to be thankful for the ingenuity of the past, and create something out of what wasn’t, by using the perfect and proper tool.