DIY Indoor and Outdoor Party Games for the Whole Family

DIY Indoor and Outdoor Party Games for the Whole Family

September 07, 2016
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With the long, hot days of summer drifting into the beautiful, colorful afternoons of fall, there is definitely still time to bring the party outdoors and amp up that family gathering with some fun (and perhaps even competitive!) do-it-yourself backyard party games! These games don’t take long to set up, some can even be brought indoors in the event of rain, and they’ll certainly bring your BBQ to the next level.

DIY Outdoor Games for the Whole Family

Bucket Ball

Such a classic! Bucket ball is like bringing that old-school carnival right to your home. The supply list is fairly simple – a wooden pallet (or two), four to six buckets or pails from the dollar store, Wiffle or plastic balls, a handful of fasteners, and paint (which is optional).

All you have to do is prop up the pallet against a wall or tree, and use a drill and some wood screws to attach the bucket bottoms to the pallet. Paint them different colours or label them to make it more fun! The aim of the game is to see who can land a ball in each bucket from the farthest distance.

Spray Paint Lawn Twister

All you need to make this backyard game is some sunshine, a bunch of spray paint in different colours, three mason jars or bowls, and a bunch of scrap paper. Begin by cutting your paper into small strips and writing out your commands. You should have six (or more) that say “hand” or “foot” and six that say “left” or “right.” The rest should all match up to the colors of paint you’ve chosen – so “green,” “red,” “yellow,” “blue,” etc. Then, all you need to do is spray-paint circles of each color in a straight line to form a grid pattern on the lawn.

DIY Backyard Games - DIY Indoor and Outdoor Party Games

Bean Bag Targets on a Tarp

If you’ve got a tarp, you’ve got a lawn game! Take a large tarp from the hardware store and spread it out on the lawn so it’s as flat as possible. Using sharp scissors or a utility knife, cut large holes in the tarp in different shapes and sizes: a triangle, a diamond, a large square, and a circle. If you’re feeling really creative, outline your shapes with different colors of paint. Using a Sharpie or spray paint, assign a point value to each hole beside it on the tarp. The largest hole should have the lowest point value and the smallest, most awkwardly shaped hole should have the highest point value. Now string your tarp up between two trees and challenge your friends and family to toss bean bags through the holes in the tarp to collect the most points!

Take It Indoors

Rain can really put a damper on a party, especially if it’s a kids’ party. But there are ways to quickly transform your home into a “game zone” without breaking the bank or tearing the house apart.

Hallway or Room Obstacle Course

The great thing about this game is it can be adjusted for almost any age, so long as the children are old enough to walk and jump safely on their own. Designate a room or a hallway in your home as the “obstacle zone.” Start crisscrossing colorful string, yarn, or streamers all across the room at varying heights, attaching it to the walls with gentle painter’s tape to avoid damage.

Now, tell the kids the strings are laser beams that must be avoided at all costs! Watch as they jump, slide, leap, and tiptoe through the obstacle zone! The prize can be candy or cake at the end. Have extra tape and streamers on hand to rebuild the obstacles as they come down.

Rainy Day Indoor Games - DIY Indoor and Outdoor Party Games

Paper Plate Tic-Tac-Toe

Perfect for little ones who are working on their logic skills, paper plate tic-tac-toe requires next to no effort to put together. Simply use painter’s tape to create a grid on the floor or carpet, and use a marker to draw your Xs and Os onto the backs of paper plates and cut them out. Instant party game for kids under the age of five!

If It’s a Grown-Up Party

Let’s face it, not every party or BBQ is going to warrant tossing bean bags through tarps and contorting your body on the lawn. Sometimes, if it’s a more adult gathering, all that’s needed is a fun and playful way to keep the mood high and spirits up, whether indoors or alfresco.

Conversation-Starter Stones

Head to the dollar store and pick up some glossy stones used as vase fillers, then grab some clear sticker paper and a few colored markers. Trace your stones onto your clear sticker paper over and over again. In each drawn circle, write out a conversation starter. “Your Best English Accent,” “Favorite Ice Cream Flavor,” “Funniest Comedian,” and so on. Then cut out your circles and stick the clear stickers onto your stones. Put all of them in a bowl or vase and have guests choose a stone at dinner or dessert to spur conversation (and, hopefully, some laughs!)

Adult Party Starters - DIY Indoor and Outdoor Party Games

So there you have it! Some inspiration to get you outside and active at your next family gathering. Outdoor games don’t have to be complicated or expensive. All you need are some simple supplies, a little imagination, and a competitive edge to bring them to life!

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DIY Indoor and Outdoor Party Games for the Whole Family
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