How To Build A Fire

When humans discovered how to make fire, everything changed for the better. We gained the ability to cook our food, keep warm, and use heat to produce more advanced tools and materials. But in our modern world we can easily exist without the need to ever use open flame. Still, no one brags about how they can’t build a fire. On the contrary – most people are embarrassed after a failed attempt, while their respective camping buddies mocking their measly efforts. Our advanced world sometimes leaves us in an ironic primitive state.

No matter what season it is, you should know how to build a fire fast and effectively. In the summer, you may be out camping, or in the back yard with some marshmallows. In colder months you may want to clean out the fireplace to get cozy with some added warmth. Either scenario can quickly become a catastrophe when plans of a solid blaze go awry.

So don’t get caught without this easy knowledge. Fire building is easy! All you need are these six simple steps. Once you have the right materials, the most crucial step in the infographic below is step four: stacking the kindling. People will often suffocate the fire by not building a proper stack around the tinder. Following one of the four basic methods below, the key is to build it in such a way that the fire can grow by catching onto larger pieces of tinder, kindling, and fuel. By following these simple fire-building steps, you will never be caught fudging up the most satisfying job on the campsite or backyard hangout.