June 18th is National Go Fishing Day!

With summer only a few short days away, June 18th is National Go Fishing Day! So write up your sign and stick it on your shop door (or desk), because you’re “Gone Fishin’!”

Although this isn’t a National holiday, we’re working on it. National Go Fishing Day is being enjoyed by people all across America. Did you know the first English publication about recreational fishing was around 1496? For centuries people have been enjoying this sport. Whether you spend your day lazing on the dock with your friends or in a boat actively hunting your prey, there is no better feeling than casting a line and waiting for the gentle nibble or ferocious take from your prospective supper.

In order to maximize your fishing experience you will need to prepare. First, you need to gather up the appropriate gear. Polarized glasses allow you to look into the depths of the water, helping you to identify fish-holding structure, bait schools, and likely signs of piscatorial activity! When packing your tackle box you need to be mindful of the depth of water you’re fishing in. Bright colors like red and orange are fun in ponds, but if you’re spending the day on a large lake or the ocean, darker lures are the way to go. It’s also a good idea to have extra fishing line in case you hook “the one that got away,” resulting in a broken line.

Once your tackle box is fully stocked and you’ve made a commitment to fulfill your civic duty and participate in this national event, it’s time to head to the lake. Just don’t forget to hang up your sign!