Furniture Facelift

So you’ve decided to redecorate your home. Is it time to throw away your furniture and start fresh? No way! Re-painting your wood furniture is a great way to take what you already own and make it new again. For the cost of some paint and supplies, you’ll be left with a gleaming new custom piece of furniture, and those don’t come cheap!

The process of giving your furniture a facelift is fairly simple, but keep in mind each step is crucial. While it’s tempting to jump right to the painting stage, following the preparation steps first will get you ideal results. Designate a well-ventilated area to complete this project, and set aside a chunk of time so you don’t lose focus midway through. Make sure you have chemical-resistant gloves, a protective apron, goggles, and a dust mask to protect you from fumes and loose particles. Take a "before" picture so that you remember where everything goes, and also to show off your “before and after” transformation!

Now it’s time to prep the wood and begin painting. Let your creativity flow! This is an opportunity to create a stunning accent piece for your home, in a bold color. Consider adding on new hardware at the end as well; it’s amazing how much new drawer pulls can modernize an old dresser, table, or set of cabinets!

Whether you’re transforming a piece of furniture or simply updating the finish on a classic, one thing is certain; after you’re done you’ll be scouting out your next target for a furniture facelift!