10 Household Cleaning Tips
Useful Tips for Keeping Your House Clean

We've all had those days. It's Friday, and you've been so busy at work there hasn't been any time to tidy up. Now the laundry is overflowing and the dishes can't even fit in the drying rack. It can be hard to remember to clean your house, until things get a little bit out of hand. Here are ten quick tips you can use to keep your house clean every day!

  • 1: Sweep Your Kitchen Each Night

    A messy kitchen floor can make the whole space feel dirty. A 2-minute sweep will bring a whole new feel to the kitchen. Make it part of your bedtime routine, so you always wake up to a clean floor.

  • 2: Unload the Dishwasher Each Morning

    This takes less than 5 minutes and will keep dirty dishes from piling up in the sink all day! If you do dishes by hand, do them the night before and let them dry overnight so you can easily put them away in the morning.

  • 3: Clean Up After Each Meal or Snack

    It’s easy to put off doing the dishes until they pile up, but doing a quick clean up after each meal or snack will make your life easier and cleaner in the long run. If you are cooking, try to clean up as you go so the cleanup process is nice and simple when you are done.

  • 4: Wipe Down Your Sinks and Faucets

    Sometimes it's a bit hard to notice the gunk building up, but try to keep it in mind. A quick wipe a couple of times per day means not dealing with a bigger mess later!

  • 5: Do Laundry Every Day

    Piles of dirty clothes won’t help your home look clean. Doing just one load of laundry every day will go a long way, and keep your closet full of your favorite outfits! And doing a small load every day is far more manageable than facing that dreaded pile at the end of a long week! Make it a habit, and you'll hardly notice it.

  • 6: Sort Your Recycling As You Go

    This will keep your countertops and bins clear from clutter so garbage day is as simple as tying up the bag and bringing it outside. If you're often forgetful, keep around a recycling calendar so you never miss a pick-up.

  • 7: Don’t Wear Your Shoes in Your Home

    Wearing your shoes inside will track in dirt and dust, along with anything else you’ve stepped in. If you prefer to wear something inside, consider using slippers. If you really want to wear your shoes, use rugs and mats to curb the mess, and make sure to wipe your shoes before you come in the house.

  • 8: Tidy Your Countertops Before Bed

    Waking up to clutter is never nice. Doing a quick tidy each night will help your day start off right. No need for a deep clean. Just get all the junk off your counter, and give it a quick wipe before bed.

  • 9: Vacuum Small Areas Every Other Day

    Quickly vacuuming up small messes will keep them from adding up. It will also make vacuuming feel like less of a chore if you don’t have to vacuum the whole house! Make sure your vacuum is easy to access, and maybe invest in a lighter model if bringing it out is a big effort. Keep in mind there are some things you shouldn't vacuum, as explained in our article here.

  • 10: Make Your Bed

    An unmade bed makes your whole room feel messy. It takes just 30 seconds each morning to make the bed. It will make a huge difference and start your day off right! It will feel so much nicer coming home to a nicely made bed every night.

So don't let your messes pile up! Taking just a few extra minutes every day to keep things in order to save you some major headaches in the long run. Make these habits a part of your routine, and keep your home nice and clean!