How To Fix Broom That Will Not Turn – Power Broom Repair
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How To Repair Power Broom That Will Not Turn

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The clutch is the mechanism that allows the engine to run without engaging the transmission, which turns the brooms. In certain circumstances, the engine must be able to idle without the brooms turning. If the engine seems to be running properly, but the brooms will not turn, there is likely an issue with the clutch and clutch plates. If you are experiencing this problem, the engine will have to be disassembled to access the clutch. The clutch consists of a central hub, a couple of springs, and clutch pads. When the engine is revved up the centrifugal force overcomes the force of the springs and the clutch pads expand out to contact the clutch drum. On some models the springs and pads can be replaced individually on others you will replace the entire clutch assembly. The most difficult part is disassembling the motor housings to access the clutch. Once the clutch is exposed it simply unthreads from the crankshaft. One trick is to remove the spark plug and bind the cylinder by inserting a scrap piece of starter rope into the combustion chamber. The rope will bind against the piston and cylinder to prevent the crankshaft from rotating so the clutch can be unscrewed.

Drive Cable

Another issue that can stop the brooms from turning is if the drive cable is broken or has become disconnected at either end. The drive cable is a long cable that runs the length of the power broom. It attaches to the crankshaft at one end and transfers its spinning motion to drive the brooms at the opposite end. To access the drive cable, the throttle will need to be detached and the engine removed from the shaft. The drive cable sits inside of the shaft and runs the length of the machine. If the cable is broken or damaged, a new cable can be purchased and installed with relative ease. The drive cable will wear over time from regular use.


The gearbox is connected to the drive cable and sits at the end of the power broom opposite the engine. The gearbox contains a small set of gears that cause the brooms to spin when the throttle is engaged by transferring the spinning motion of the drive cable. The most common damage to the gearbox will be the teeth stripping off of the two gears inside. This can be caused by normal wear and tear, overloading, or debris entering the gearbox. To check if the gearbox is stopping the brooms from rotating, shut off the engine and lay the power broom flat on the ground. After removing the spark plug boot to ensure the engine does not start, try and manually turn the brooms. If the brooms do not rotate or will only spin when excessive force is applied, the gearbox is likely locked and will need to be opened and cleaned out or possibly replaced.

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